Dubsmash My FitnessPal and Other Websites Hacked

Dubsmash My FitnessPal and Other 14 Websites Hacked

Websites Hacked Some popular websites accept data leaks and are parsing for resetting passwords. Hacked

There has been a Websites Hacked case of the sale of user’s data on the stolen data on the Dark WebDream Market website available on Tor Network has sold 617 million letter sales from 16 popular websites,

Websites Hackers get this information to match $ 20,000 in bitcoin, The information available includes the account and name mailing address and password.

And the only good thing is that the password is in the case of Hashed. Websites Hacked those who buy this suggestion will have to crack them before they are useful

User information was first highlighted by the vendor in the register, Who provided the website with sample record to prove the authenticity of this leak

It has been said in the report that accounts of Dubsmash approximately 162 million people were stranded, while 151 million user My Fitness Pal accounts were also affected by Websites Hacked

Of the other services affected by this data leak, My Heritahe 92 million users, Shear it  41 million, Hautlook 28 million, EyEm 22 million, Animoto 25 Million users  Accounts detail has been affected, 15 million from Armore Games and 8 million from other bookmates and 6 million user’s data impacted by CoffeeMateBaghel