Why is Class 9 much important than Class 10

Why is Class 9 much important than Class 10

Why is Class 9 much important Almost anything that you study in school that all moving toward your board exams the class 10th is known as a first step of challenging exam that you will face then after you have to decide what you want to became in future and it helps you move up towards choosing the subject that you are more interested in and in some town students move in to the junior college which helps to improve their personality and aspirations.

Why should we have to focus on class 9th?

with all of the fame on class 10 students normally they don’t think about the class 9 subjects because it is usually not counted during their final board exam any way if you are a student who really want to understand these topics for the move toward here is why have to focus on class 9th as well

class 9th is a strong base of class 10th there is a reason why certain concepts we have think in the class 9th it helps to make foundation of syllabus for your board exam without understanding these concepts you will not able to fully understand your board syllabus these will prove as a some lit ill problem while you are solving numerical problem or solving the complex theorems at last you can resort to a teaching topics it does not helps for higher studies especially if you are preparing for an engineering or medical entrance examination.

The syllabus of class 9 is perform same roll of class 11

If you are CBSE student at first way you will feel that your class 9 syllabus does not have much important to class 10th than  why may be right to ignore it and directly jump to class 10th according to experts and educators CBSC has designed class 9th syllabus to form the basis for class 11th and class 10th syllabus forms the basis for class 12th for example when we come to Kinematics and laws of motion it was already learn the concept and equation in class 9thin class 11 you will learn how to apply them it means that if your basic of kinematics law is strong in class 9th itself class 11gets more easier.

It means you always remember that your CBSC class 12 board exam will be based on each class 11 and class 12 syllabus it’s best to not ignore class 9 only to study it later.

Class 9 gives a glance to the future career options.

Class 9 is the moving step towards understanding what do you want to become in future in life when you find out your future goal and map out a path for your future and always be focus on every subject and other extracurricular activities such as English,Physics,Maths,Volleyball,Debat and other sports activities this will give you a better experiences while you choosing your course

If you will run only for the high score it will stop you in good score but you will try to complete sea when it comes to point out your career interest

In the last of the article class 9 is a important path of your school life and being mature helps to make decisions that will shape the rest of your future even though your marks will be not counted in the final exam enjoy  your every second and live in the present because this time will not return SeeMore