Studying at Night Time: Advantages and Problems

Studying at Night Time: Advantages and Problems

Studying at Night Time Generally students are two categories first one who studies late into the night and other one who wake up early to prepare and less commonly known is that there both of these categories one they stay up late are commonly known as a night owls and other one wake up early in the morning are called early risers.

Ones thing always is that studying late at night is harmful for students its famous saying that “Early to bed, early to rise, make a person healthy, wealthy and wise’ always several studies conducted on the same topic have found that is not any correlation between wealth or wisdom, and your sleeping hour and other thing if you are healthy mentally fit than it is better for study and life.

1. Studying at Night Time Advantages

Night time studying students have much ability to stay alert and concentrate if you are already studying at late night than you will able to study harder and longer duration as compare to early risers based on a study conducted by university of liege early riser can only stay alert and active for hours past walking up before they feel mentally disturbed and after that they start working much slower and pace as they are more sensitive to sleep pressure.

Good concentration in study

Studying at Night Time It said in the study conducted by University of Notre Dame, you are able to learn the information better if you study it in right before you sleep if revise the information at night  and then sleep on it the retention of that information is good if a day you wake up morning started study if you are feeling lazy then you will not able to remember that information complete basically if you study after noon time the constant distraction and new information can make difficulty to recall what you previously learned.

Don’t take exam stress

According to British researchers have found that early riser have higher levels cortisol the stress hormone than those who like to sleep late the cortisol level of early risers continue to remain high throughout the day not just during the morning that means early riser are more stressed exams than the night studying students since night owls are calmer they can get work done more efficiently without wasting time.

2.Studying at Night Time Disadvantages

Texas university said that in his study everything that you learn at odd hours is actually stored in your short term memory this type of memory doesn’t provide the facility to extended retention if you not using your stored information shortly then you will lost your revised thing so when you going to learn the new chapter at night it doesn’t allow you that information to transcend from short term to long term memory which is important to prepare for a exam might be after the month

 Our Mind loses efficiency with each hour you sleep

Every hour that hour you stay alert you get attention and it does your mind Texas A&M medical collage said in his study late into the night can result in a sharp decrease in a attention for specific learning and memory tasks our peak cognitive efficiency happens earlier in the day and studying late at night we are fighting our brains which needs to rest