College Learning Above the Classroom

College Learning Above the Classroom

College Learning Above the Classroom College life is not only just going to classes and cramming up lectures to pass the exam it is import part of a our life that is responsible for shaping his future whether it be academic or as individual college life entire personality of the person whatever lesion they learn from teachers remain with them for life it not learnt only the academics but also with the practical knowledge and to find out the path in the world out side

Let’s talk with the students what there take on the college life and the lessons there teachers beyond classroom.

College Learning Above the Classroom Teachers teaches you some management skills college teaches you some important skill being all alone and having to do everything yourself student pick out some special skill that helps you to time management money management and other things let’s ask them how beneficial they think these skills would be in later life

Skills that are most important is time management and money management that are very good habit to pickup from the college our parents always say follow them but we not understand you worth before you are left to manage everything on your own this skill we have pick them an early age and it becomes a habit that surely would prove beneficial later on

College Learning Above the Classroom with The Art of Prioritizing

The art of prioritizing is a first thing that student from college the first semester passes in a blur and excitement of having a admission in a college before that they understand the first semester exam coming up on his head under this situation they learn to prioritize things let’s ask themselves what do they think about this

In a student life prioritizing is a something that you just pick up at time we don’t realize that it become second lesion for you because so many things going around from your academics and your personal life

Live the minimal resources

If anything learnt in the college life surely teaches the students is live with the minimal resources it is not highly unlikely that you will find yourself a private accommodation whether it be college or a hostel shearing is the much basis of college of your life moreover all the expenses of the begins college like luxuries and entertainment is very less but then you also look cool and fun in front of your friends so you find budget options with good quality resources

College Learning Above the Classroom College is not Same of the school people here come from all part of India you will get chance to meet with new people and not all would be not nice to you like a practices ground for you to equip yourself with as many skills lessons and experiences that will help you later on When you face similar situations in the world outside where things are a much higher stake you would have a better understanding of things and can make more informed choices. SeeMore