A good Schedule for College students

A good Schedule for College students

A good Schedule for College students Exam season in school and college and universities is a very strenuous and tiring period for students long time study hour no time of sleeping studying at night and anxiety regarding their exam preparations all these things have big affect on their health college life is different from the school life in back school life your schedule was mostly laid out by other people.

Like for example in school you had your time table laid out by teachers and parents and in the college you are solely responsible for taking care of everything from yourself and other daily tasks in such situation your schedule is jump packed from the lot of unavoidable things this require a regular attention it’s the matters of your health that take a back seat but to be able to complete a specific task in full efficiency be it study or other curricular activity you need to be fit and healthy in this article we have discussed some topics about your health

A good Schedule for College students with Eating and food habit

Breakfast is like a king and lunch is like princes and dinner is like beggar is a popular thing you surely must have heard of somewhere eating a healthy breakfast gives you energy to go through the most productive hour of the day without feeling too tired or lethargic college student on the contrary skip the breakfast all together and have a minimal lunch while rushing between classes and enjoy the dinner like a king skipping the breakfast on the other hand counts for a big mistake and is an unhealthy eating habit

A good Schedule for College students by Avoiding Junk food

Another important thing in the food habit when it comes to college students and their eating habit is full on junk food junk food is easily available and it is fit in budget it not healthy for our health and body preservatives unhealthy cooking environment and other such factor are give unhealthy college life in the study we have found that problem like obesity and the increasing number of youngster with heart related problems increasing regularly because of consumption of junk food in large quantities

70 percent of human body made up with the water which makes it one of the essential requirement of human body with that it not fixed how much water we have drink in  a day most of the health export recommend 2 liters of water per person per day it helps to keep our body well hydrated if do not like are unable to consume lots of water you can also take liquid in the other forms such as juice buttermilk etc,

A good Schedule for College students by Getting healthy sleeping habit

Life like a college students often means not have to sleep at night Especially if you live in the hostel then you are lucky enough to catch even a few hours of sleep at night Gossips party late at night in disco pubs to early in the morning are some of the common hostel life episodes in the exam time most of the students studying at night but it is not a good idea to live up your sleep even if it is for completing an assignment due to the next morning is deadline of submitting and the exam is next day if you manage your time properly and completing tasks at right time and spread out your workload and even over the semester than you want have everything piled up for the last moment neither would you have to miss out on your precious sleep Experts recommended that at 6-7 hours sleep every day is essential for a young people sleeping is a not west of time as many students believe it to be by experts sleeping is a  time when over body goes in the relax mode and rebuilding itself A proper sleep schedule is essential for both your physical and mental health

Whenever if you feel that you have a disturbed sleep cycle and are you unable to correct it then mention below are some points that can help you to enjoy your sleeping time

Take a nice warm bath or shower in the evening

Use suitable pillow

Dim the lights in your bedroom before an hour you sleep

Eat dinner at least two hour before you sleep

Don’t go in to the bed on an empty stomach