Different type of college friends and there Relationship

Different type of college friends and there Relationship

Different type of college friends and there Relationship It is very difficult to imagine life without a lot of friends, they bring happiness and joy in everyone’s life on one hand and are also responsible for some problems at times no can say it is falls the fact that friendship is a relationship that is worth living no wonder you too have list of friends on your side and with them you love hanging out but all friends are not same in terms of his or her personality and you have Handel them with each one of your friends in different way due to this different character Friendship

Here we have a list of typical college friends that persists everywhere and in every friend circle

Different type of college friends like The study machine

No wonder there’s definitely a friend of yours who cannot comprise on studies and always stay focused in his study time generally you always take help of such friends to complete your assignment and notes and take assistance you in exam preparation it’s true isn’t it?

Best friends

Well over life is not complete without a best friend with whom you share all your secret things and feelings a such type of friend is perhaps the second half of yours whenever you are trying to convince your parents for an adventure trip or you want to propose your crush your best friend is right there always stand beside you

Different type of college friends One is The party friend

In a every friend circle there will be one friend who always stays one step ahead in going to parties such type of always  convince you to join them in parties and enjoy life like there’s no tomorrow so who is your party friend

The crush and the one who had a crush on you

It is your other type of friend which is much Important to others here the story is some different you can’t wrong the fact you had a crush on one of your friends that’s normal everyone has that feeling after that there is also a possibility of one of your friends having crush on you and you have known that we all get

 The friends zoned friend

A friend with whom you feel I am in the comfortable Zone and share intimate feeling but simply as friends it typically a friend Zone buddy so you always  have a friends who did not hesitate to share his personal feelings with you as such a friend has complete trust on you

Different type of college friends One who jealous on you

Doesn’t matter what are you do how are you looking there will be some friends who will always backstab at you they simplest feel unhappy with your success there for they to fall in the friends list  nothing is personal

The funny friends

Irrespective or  how bad you are feeling or how sad you are there will friend of your who always tray to come up with jokes and funny things to say keeping the atmosphere happy for you It’s really bliss to have such friend in a life as they dilute all the stress form your life

The intellectual buddy

And last some friends who never stop to giving advices or always start a philosophical conversation with you about life they have different type solution of many kind of problems and tray to solve them for you in a complete different way so you remember that friends one who love to give intellectual advices to you SeeMore