Mobile addiction How to come out from

Mobile addiction How to come out from

Mobile addiction What is the first thing you see after waking up in the morning you check your smart phone getting addicted to mobile phone is common for people nowadays but there are so many harmful things for of digital addiction it will be with the mobile phone computer laptops or other gadgets

But there is any to control this addiction?

Surely available is

Let’s understand some the important tips to manage fever of gadgets

Mobile addiction and Brain Chemistry

We spend much time in the use of smart gadgets and digital technology is also associated with brain chemistry

There is a chemical in our body that’s dopamine which increases the need and desire on mobile phone how does it works like your face book post get always much likes and shearing it increases the dopamine level in your brain goes up feeding the excitement

The likes and shear of your face book post these unique reward system based on brain chemical and dopamine ensure that we get addicted to platform like face book and twitter and constantly keep checking our Mobile phone Laptops and other gadgets

How to reduce the Mobile Addiction

Like other addiction getting away from face book and Twitter is tough task but is not impossible let’s talk about the some tips which helps you to come out the digital addiction

First tip Go Offline

The easy way to stay away from Mobile phones or social networks is turn off your gadgets offs whenever you do some important works so switch off your smart phone and gadgets or push the silent button or notification of your phone by going off line will help you to keep all the attention in your work

Second tip Get out of house

When you went out form your room without your smart phone then the mobile addiction has gone for such lengths that people end up staring at start or looking a beautiful sunset through their mobile so whenever you stepped out of your house leave your phone behind just go out with the sole intention to focus on yourself and the people around you go for a walk out for run breath in the fresh air meet new people talk to your neighbors so went out from your home without your phone will not only help you reduces the addiction  but it will also pursue your hobbies and interest

Third tip allow yourself online sum little time

Reducing time yourself completely off from mobile phone laptop and other electronic gadgets immediately may go against your goal of overcoming mobile addiction because just like other addictions if you stay fare all the urge to come back and use mobile phones or access face book again multiplies exponentially to avoid this don’t stop using mobile phone totally instead allow yourself some online time

A highly effective function on mobile phone called timer so whenever you going to use your phone set it for ten minutes and only use smart phone during the time During these 10 minutes use whatever you want check your mail go on your face book or access twitter and after completing set time get back to work

Tips fourth do a reality check

The next fourth step is process s of overcoming mobile addiction is about doing a reality check about the time you use smart phone the reality check is about assessing the worth of using mobile phone and the value it adds to your life. There might be a few cases in which using mobile phone might help you, but over using or using it for extend time may not. SeeMore