Why Public Speaking skill is much Important and How to master of these

Why Public Speaking skill is much Important and How to master of these

Why Public Speaking skill is much Important Dale Carneige, is an American writer, lecturer and developer of courses on self-improvement public speaking corporate training and interpersonal skills said “students of public speaking continually ask me, how I can overcome self-consciousness and the fear that paralyzes me in front of an audience?”

His response used to be “ did you notice that when we looking from train windows that some horses feed near the track and they doesn’t stop to see the cars and go ahead to next rail road and farmers wife will be nervously trying to quit her scared horse as the train goes by?

How would treat a horse one fear from the cars whom graze in the back woods lot where he will never seen steam engines or cars or drive him where he would genrally see the noise creating vehicles

Use the horse situation to rid yourself of fear and self conscious face an audience as possible as you can and your farness will go out.

You can fish the stage fright by reading the article “how to finish the stage fright “A article can give you a excellent suggestions on how to control yourself in the water but the real time gives the big fearing  hummers  for learn swimming you must tray to swim in water and plunge is the only way

Why Public Speaking is much important

Speaking in a public is a skill which is a essential part of your career objective in a work place we are in the anyplace such as a in a group discussion or in interview and in a front of large amount of audience online meeting or talking in a team meeting  we have to always tray to speak in crowd  time to time our behavior  during public speaking makes or increase our professional image it strongly affects the way people think about me this is the reason we always fears in a front of audiences

Why Public Speaking skill is much Important we let’s understand by the following methods


10 percent of the population loves to speak in a public that group experiences no fears and exiting in speaking in a front of large amount of public

Another 10 percent are generally fears in a public speaking even they are the people who feel the loose confident by even thought of speak in a large amount public


The good thing is that with the help of preparation and practice you can feel the confident and come out form the nervousness and speak in a public exceptionally well as a politician or team leader or a big motivational speaker you can enhance your reputation boost your self-confidence and it will open so many door of success for yourself

So fainlly you understood the Importance of public speaking let’s see some important things which help you to becoming a better speaker

Before you say something you should clear what thing you are going to say and write your content speech accordingly

Why Public Speaking skill is much Important and How to improve it


A good speech is always like a pencil it has to have a sharp point always point out the some important thing that so be clear on what do you want to say and what message you have give in a front of public so the audience will easy to understand your subject of topic understand why it is important for you

In the school time over home work of English subject is write a letter in a well format or in proper opening body and conclusion just same thing in a article we have to write in a point wise and specific manner

Well Organized

Before you delver prepare well and practices always pay attention in your body language stand in a straight manner keep a good eye contact and brightness in your face have a good vocal variety be comfortable with your presentation take care of pauses and use them wherever necessary SeeMore