Some tips will help you to Score 90 percent this Exam

Some tips will help you to Score 90 percent this Exam

Some tips will help you to Score 90 percent If you like or not grade are the measure of success in a college same salary in a job and the batting average in cricket or the price of stock your grades are a average of a performance what you are doing in a college there are several factors that factor into getting good grade in college and not to mention the plethora of distraction that there are on college campuses yet why good score is Important for Exam

we believe the scoring the high grades is simple but not easy to maintain them over the years we see student’s fall in to the study burn out trap that is why they work hard in a first year or so but over the time their grades start falling and they start going down there grades the specific reason is that the students they physically mentally and emotionally drained as they advance in a college so in this article we have discussed some tips that will help you to good score in the exams 

See previous years’ question papers more often than not universities repeat the questions asked in previous years and follow a certain pattern thoroughly go through these question paper to save yourself from the lot of studies efforts which are not going to be questioned in the exam you may also answer these question papers as mock paper sand manage your time to write full paper which is quite important to scoring good marks

Some tips will help you to Score 90 percent by Presentation of Answers

Believe it or not the presentation of your answer is greatly affects in your marks you written a answer 8 marks if it is not in a write format or a proper paragraph or in a poor handwriting you will get 4 marks so always make sure answer is written in a points and paragraphs and written with a pen which enhances your handwriting you can also draw a margins and pens of different colors to make things extremely clear and more reliable

First Read your question paper properly

Always remember that you don’t want west your time by attempting three extra question do you if you have prepared well there will be instance where you will realize you know the answer to than just one question in such situation it is crucial to make the perfect choice that will fetch you maximum marks tray to solve those question which will save your time and much easier have less chances of losing points

Some tips will help you to Score 90 percent you Don’t leave any question without answer

The popular line of Michael Jordan the star basketball player states that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take same is true for the question that you leave unanswered in the examinations. Not leave any question without answer attempt them for its worth writhe that question by own sense you can make out of or its worth write whatever you think which is relate to that topics leave it without answer means you will get Zero marks for it but if you make an attempt at it you have a small chance at getting a marks and even it is wrong and you get for it Zero for it what’s there to lose you were getting Zero any ways for it

Pay attention the time you revise the answer sheet

Some tips will help you to Score 90 percent After completing your question paper when you revise your stuff that you have written will help you weed out any mistakes you might not have realized your making while writing your answer even might you remember some important point that you have missed out on revising the answer the answer sheet after you done with it is like proofreading a paper after you done with it is like proofreading paper and it can prove to quit useful in the examination

 Read the books suggested by teachers

Some tips will help you to Score 90 percent When teachers ask you to go through a certain reading in the class make sure you do that  they are teaching the same subject for years and have a  good idea that which book help you in the exam also if teachers  says it is important mark them urgently because it more chances to come in the exam

Revise your week points

A good student always know his or her weak points while strengths the stronger ones this practice will help you to avoid losing those extra marks which when accumulated become a big numbers and if your writing is not good try and improve it improve it by 1 percent if not a 60 to 70 percent don’t take granted and try to improve yourself as much as you can

Some tips will help you to Score 90 percent by Save a time and get marks

You will not realize it now but you use a less time it will increase your long run to score good marks if you are enjoying three hour you can reduce your time by 2 hour in this two hour you will revises your other subjects and also try learn the rhetorical subjects in the mornings because things learnt during that time remain in your memory for long duration also easy to focus in the morning with less distraction around SeeMore