Indian Students face these ‘Problems’

Indian Students face these 'Problems'

Indian Students face these ‘Problems’ College life is a most important part of hole journey of life the most memorable days of one’s life it is a time when you have most freedom to explore and experiment around with things but it is also a important phase of life for this is the time when you decide what you what you want to be in a future but in India when student enters in a college he decide that they have grown up the parents still treat them as kids career

They are so many problems and they have to phase it starting is being denied to study the subject they want to a very famous phrase goes as India students decide they want to be engineers then they what we want to do in life and it’s some little true college students of India face lots of problems and they become depress by mentally and physically     

Indian Students face these ‘Problems’ in Decided career option

The blockbuster move ‘three Idiots’ in our family the fate of a child’s career is decided upon right at the moment of their birth and the right from the moment you are ready to start school there is but on the anthem that you are preached upon that you are become a doctor and engineer or do MBA from IIMs in such type of families they don’t ask what are your preferences and what do you want to become career Option

The endless cycle of rote learning

Indian Students face these ‘Problems’ The another serious thing is that during the school years the measurement of a child’s intelligence is defined by well can the he/she cram the things  taught in class we change our regular habits live machine spend sleepless night as early as fifth standard student why? Because the next day was a term exam of social science and other are how had razor sharp minds that were more involved in understanding the basics or the concepts behind the topics rather than cramming it up without they understanding words they were deemed stupid and they feel guilty of possessing a brain that couldn’t cram up useless things

Evening coaching class

Experts says that the best method of learning understand all the methods and answer by self study unless and until a child does at least an hour or two of self study after the school in a home half the things we learn and some forgotten but our parents are forced to attend coaching class and tuitions they don’t wont doing self study reading from text books and tuitions notes and continuously cramming them we hardly had time left for self study

Indian Students face these ‘Problems’Expectation from family and relative

When time of  exam results every relative and family members call will start on your phone those uncle aunts with whom you never had a contact number would ask “beta kapok number kais aye’ the interesting thing is that it is doesn’t  matter how you are good in extracurricular activity it is doesn’t matter all things of your career is dependent on your academic performance it is no need you are good in a other sports dance activities you have to build your career in engineering and medical nobody cares what you want to be in a future

Hotel food

Indian Students face these ‘Problems’ The big problem of those living in hostel and plainest is  the hotel food while you pay more money for hostel or rent the hotel food remain same the old blend or test less food the home made food and magi snacks is like a light of moon in mid night for hostel boys and if it is possible they spend full college life for two things the boys /girls how are living out from home they always remember this food “maa ke hath ka khana “ they always remember the when they look forward to with every trip back home during long vacation


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