Explosion of Population : Problems, Reason and Results

Explosion of Population : Problems, Reason and Results

Explosion of Population

In a simply word we can say that when there is decreasing the morality rate of a country population there is decrease in child mortality but increase in birth rate and life expectancy, due to its combined effect, population increases very rapidly. This situation is called population explosion.

Explosion of Population : Problems, Reason and Results of population

This condition is found in less development countries .In 1970 India has passed out from this but this time the population growth of India is declining   rapidly and the population of India is no longer considered a cruse because India is the youngest country in the world

  • Illiteracy: According to Census 2011 India’s population is still only 74% education and the figure is even lower in villages. For this reason there are many kinds of misconceptions about population. The poor people regard an additional child as an additional hand of earning
  • Even today many people they consider children to be God’s gift. Some people even see children connecting with religion and using contraceptives think against religion. The combination of all these results comes in the form of population growth.
  • Indifference Between Family Planning : some people don’t know the means of family planning and some people see these means against their religion whereas some people cannot by these sources  although this means by the government Gives it free but still do not use it
  • Less sources of Entertainment : in India many villages have less sources of entertainment and this result is they use SEX as sources of entertainment and keep Increasing Family
  • Blind Faith: peoples not adopting the Family Planning due to lack of education. As in today’s rural areas of India people still believe that the person’s strength is reduced due to the prohibition of man and he is not worth doing hard work
  • Wrong Polices of Government: Today the government provides a 6 thousand rupees on the birth of one child and also 6 thousand rupees on the birth of another child. So how will family planning will successful in the environment of such polices?

Explosion of Population in India

Explosion of Population : Problems, Reason and Results The china is strictly implemented one child policy for controlling it s population and has got control over the population growth but India is reversing it. According to government polices they should provide nutritious food Free of cost not to give cash of Rs. 6000 so that the children will be healthy.

Explosion of Population : Problems, Reason and Results of Population

  1. Pressure on the country’s resources : if the country population increasing rapidly so the infrastructure and resources in that country increases, so that the country’s development is affected, and then the country become stuck in poverty and crises
  • Decreases the living standards of the people: it is quite similar that when the people who earn less and eat more, people will not be able to get food and nutrition as per their physical needs, consequents their quality of life decreases. In India many villages are continuing this process today
  • Effect on Country: Imagine the developing of science and technology in a country where people are only engaged in the nutrition of their stomach. This will see in a many countries of Africa Continent.

India will also trap in such a situation in the 70’s. This is the reason that the policy makers of India had given a slogan “We tow of us “at time and campaigned for population control.

It is clear that the explosion of population this situation will hindrance in the development of all the countries it is an increase on which less developed countries are embarrassed to boast. On the country there are countries like Japan, Russia, France in the world where the population growth has reached a negative phase and governments there have been urging people to increase population and in some countries  more than one child is born by the government Money is also being to them.


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