Udaipur has  vide scope in field of  Industry as it  is  rich in mineral resources as a large
variety of important minerals are, found in the districts. The important Metal
and non-metallic found in the district are orc of copper, lead, zinc and silver.
Among industrial minerals rock, phosphate, asbestos, calcite, lime stone,
barites, emerald and marble etc. are important Talc (soap stone) is another
important mineral is also found in the district.

Marble and Handicraft Industries are also there in huge quantities and contribute to the economy. Chemical Industries, Soap Stone etc are also some examples.

The forest also contribute to Industries as tendu patta is produced and used in bidi industry and pattal industry is also flurishing due to forests.

Hindustan Zinc Ltd is a world class in producing zinc mental, Secure meters manufacture electric meters and wolchem is mineral indusrty.

Udaipur is a major tourist place and is very famous for Hospitality Business. The other related Business is travel trade. Thus this give employment to Hotel Owners, workers , guides , travel agents , showroom owners , restaurants

etScope in Udaipur in the field of Industry http://pmedia.info/shakti/c.

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