In today’s world, most of the people are using Whatsapp and its use is increasing day by day. Whatsapp is basically to chat with people, call and shared media and documents. Whatsapp is also used for the Business purpose. Many Businessmen using Whatsapp for doing Business so for the Businesses, Whatsapp has launched its new app that is Whatsapp Business.

What is Whatsapp Business?
People who do Business with the help of Whatsapp in that case, they can use Whatsapp Business app. Whatsapp Business is an app which you can install on your Android to do a Business of your clothing store, electronics, automobiles, etc. It is the best feature in which you can maintain the record of your Business. It is likely the same app for Whatsapp Messenger. In this app, you will get to see a new section that is Labels. There are different labels mentioned in the app. Like Whatsapp Messenger, in this app, you can make Business groups, broadcast list and do one to one chat.

How to start using this app?
This app can be used like Whatsapp Messenger.
You can download the Whatsapp Business app from Android’s Play Store.
Register with your different number for Business.
Get the name of your Business

Note: If you have put any Business name on this app then you can’t change the name from onwards.

What will you get in this app?
After doing registration on Whatsapp Business app you can’t change the name of your Business. You will be getting this options for your Business.

1. You will get a Label section in which you can maintain the records:
Who are the New Customer
What is the New Order
From which you have a Pending Payment
How many Paid you for the order
Order Complete

2. The owner of the account or the Business will able to setup profile information like:
Business Website
Business Category
Business Description etc.

3. In this Business settings you will get the Messaging Tools:
Away Message: In this section, you can create a message for automatically reply with a when you are away.
Greeting Message: In this section, you can create a message to send Greeting Message to your customers when they message you the first time.
Quick Reply: In this section, you can create a message and create keyboard shortcuts for sending quick messages.

4. In this app you will get the Statistics option in which you can have the record:
How many messages you have sent
How many messages you have delivered
How many messages you have read
How many messages you have received

5. A Business account holder can also use Whatsapp Web for interacting with customers.

Whatsapp Business is available to free download from Google Play Store. This app is available in India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, U.S. and U.K. The app is rolling out the World in the coming weeks.

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